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With so many different therapies and treatments available in Melbourne, it is so hard to know what’s the correct Lower Back Pain solution for you. Melbourne offers literally hundreds of Chiropractic and other treatment options for Lower Back Pain.  Many have already tried Chiropractors in Melbourne unsuccessfully. As a result, even with the help of a qualified Melbourne chiropractor, for many people their lower back pain becomes part of their life. We have seen patients come from all over the world to our Melbourne Back Pain clinics to cure their body of Lower Back Pain so they can be vibrant and pain free again. In the the vast majority of cases, we have succeeded.

Chances are you have heard of the common therapies such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage and also Chiropractic which you may have sought after for your Lower Back or Sciatica Pain.

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Chiropractic has always been an interesting topic of conversations around the health industry – some people claiming it dangerous, others reporting injuries and people often ask us ‘if they cracked my back, wouldn’t I be paralysed?’ So what are they really doing?

First off, we are not anti-Chiropractic. And we are not by any means suggesting that there is anything wrong with Chiropractic methods. We’ve heard numerous amazing stories of people being healed and cured of their pain through Chiropractic treatment as well as horrible stories, one thing I will say is like every modality has there are some advantages and some disadvantages, hence why we opened Back Pain Solutions Melbourne to have a multi –disciplinary approach to chronic pain that targets everything from the nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, strength and conditioning so there is no missing piece in rehabilitating your pain.

Chiropractic methods treat neuromuscular disorder/and or conditions via manipulation of the spine. This is all good and well but what caused the spine to be out in the first place? In our professional opinion if the spine is out, chances are you will have muscular imbalances causing the spine to be out also, which is something that unfortunately most Chiropractors do not treat. At Back Pain Solutions Melbourne this is exactly what we specialise in restoring.

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Here at Back Pain Solutions Melbourne, unlike chiropractors, we focus on all elements of injury and disorders by focusing on the spine, nervous system, and, muscular system so that it’s a flawless system to prevent you from having lower back pain and injuries again.

We incorporate the following:

1. SOLIDIFIED MYONEURAL MANIPULATION – Is a process where we identify the Musculoskeletal Biomechanical Imbalances that are causing your pain via a hands on approach working with the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) and the Central Nervous System (CNS) by breaking down tissues and fascia causing chronic Lower Back and Sciatic pain.

2. NEUROMUSCULAR POWER TRAINING – This secondary program we conduct at Back Solutions restores the muscular and biomechanical imbalances by strengthening the weaker parts in your body so the pain never returns. This is a system designed for long term results not short term where you continually need to come back for appointments by changing the neuroplasticity (permanent change). 

If you are suffering with Lower Back pain and Sciatic pain, and your Chiropractor or Health care professional is not delivering the results you need, and want to get a permanent solution contact Our Melbourne Back Solutions Clinic on 03 9909 9905

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