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Have you been told you have a :
Bulging disc
Slipped disc
Herniated disc
Degenerative wear and tear to the spine, then….
Despite what any specialist or practitioner has told you 97% of all chronic lower back pain is 100% curable, regardless of whether a bulging disc has been diagnosed as the cause of your back pain.
A bulging disc is a symptom of postural imbalance, often built up over a long period of time.
According to Dr Norman Marcus, a leading New York Back Specialist, up to 40% of adults have a herniated disc and experience no pain, up to 70% have degenerative disc and once again, no pain.
The disc is always blamed in chronic lower back cases and it explains why most back pain sufferers only experience short term temporary relief from the treatment they receive.
At Back Solutions we address the root underlying cause of your disc pain.

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Our first steps are to eradicate the painful tension in your lower back and ease the pressure on the disc and or nerves that the herniation is affecting.
We then commence to strengthen your body to allow the disc bulge to settle into a pain free position and ensure the pain never returns.
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Rick Saunders

Lower Back

Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. Rick has a current success rate at greater than 97%. Book Rick

Daniel Rodgers

Lower back
Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines

Chronic pain is Daniel’s specialties.
Outside of the clinic Daniel has worked with, AFL teams such as The Western Bulldogs and Carlton Blues, the A-League soccer team Melbourne United, Australian Open tennis athletes as well as international Olympic athletes.Book Daniel

Elliot Christopher

Lower Back

Elliott’s real passion is working with chronic back and sciatic pain and has spent countless hours working with people to eradicate their pain for good. Elliott is committed to working with you to guarantee your pain never returns. Book Elliott
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