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Have you tried all kinds of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments in Melbourne only to find short term relief from your Lower Back Pain?

Are you frustrated, after seeing countless Melbourne or other practitioners who all have conflicting treatments and explanations as to why you have your back pain?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. 9 out of 10 patients who come into our Melbourne clinic for treatment of Chronic Lower Back pain are frustrated by the exact same things as you are.

Like all of the frustrated Lower Back Pain sufferers we see in our Melbourne clinic, you too will very quickly be put at ease with clear, concise explanations as to:

  1. Why you have your Lower Back Pain
  2. Why no one has been able to provide a lasting solution to your lower back pain
  3. What needs to be done to eliminate your back pain and strengthen your body so the pain never returns. 

You will get a tried and proven treatment for long term chronic Lower Back Pain that gets rapid results.

Treatments at our Melbourne clinic is an extremely unique hands on approach, dedicated to eradicating the build up of tension and guarding present in your lower back and hip regions.

Once pain free function and movement is restored to your Lower Back region, we then proceed with Neuromuscular strengthening so your pain never returns.

We pride ourselves on helping people when all other pain removal treatment options have failed.

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Please call 9909 9905 today to learn more about our permanent treatment solution to your Lower Back Pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

We have mastered a unique treatment approach over a 15-year period dedicated to the cure of lower back pain.  After experiencing a debilitating lower back pain from an injury, one of our founding practitioners Rick Saunders dedicated all of his post graduate studies to becoming a lower back pain specialist. Rick’s research papers on how to cure lower back pain, lead to the development of our highly unique treatment techniques; myoneural manipulation and neuromuscular power training.

Lower Back Pain - FAQ

What are the causes of Lumbar Back Pain?

The most common causes of lumbar, or lower back pain are postural imbalances that build up over a period of time. These muscular imbalances place the lumbar spine, the intervertebral structures and its muscles in a compromised position, which can cause pain.

What causes a Bulging Disc in Lower Back?

If the lower back is placed in a compromised position due to muscular imbalances, over time there will be consistent pressure placed upon the intervertebral lumbar discs away from its aligned position. This constant pressure can eventually lead to the a or multiple discs in the lower back bulging away from its aligned position. 

How do your Melbourne clinics treatment techniques help with Chronic Lower Back Pain relief?

Our unique hands on treatment, Solidfied Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) eradicates the tension present in chronic Lower Back Pain sufferers. We hit the exact spots where you get your pain, and continue to work deeper and deeper freeing up years of painful tension. Our hands on approach gives you the confidence from your very first session that you can overcome your chronic Back Pain once and for all. 

How does Solidified Myoneural Manipulation provide relief for lower back pain?

Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) treatment is dedicated to eradicating tension present in the Lower Back region. It is a multi-facet treatment that has a positive and therapeutic effect on the fascia, muscles, periosteal lining of the bones, the joint and the nervous system. Often one or more of the aforementioned areas are producing your pain. Therefore from experience we find that a treatment technique that addresses all of them simultaneously, provides relief for lower back pain, when all other options have failed to do so.

How does Back Solutions treatment of Lower Back Pain differ from other modalities?

Our treatment addresses the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Chronic Lower Back pain is due to imbalances that have built up over an extended period of time. Areas of the body are extremely weak, and other areas are extremely tight. Most modalities only address the areas where you are tight (symptoms) whilst ignoring the areas where you are weak (underlying cause). 90% of lower back sufferers say that the feel better after standard treatment, only for the pain to return quickly soon after. At Back Solutions, our core difference is once we eradicate the areas of tension in your body restoring pain free movement and function, we then proceed to strengthening your body ensuring the pain never returns.

I have received all kinds treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain, why will  the Back Solutions treatment approach help me when all others have failed?

Our 2 unique techniques Solidified Myoneural Manipulation (SMM) and Neuromuscular Power Training (NMPT) were developed through the process of fixing one of our founding practitioners chronic debilitating Back Pain. We have replicated this same process with well over 5,000 patients since 2002, with an extremely high success rate.  We pride ourselves on helping people when all other pain removal options have failed.

Can you provide relief for severe Lower Back Pain?

Yes, the majority of people receive improved relief from their pain after their initial session. Once you receive relief to the point where pain free movement and function is restored we proceed with our unique process dedicated to strengthening your body so the pain never returns.

Answers written by:

Rick Saunders

Lower back specialist

Lower Back Pain – Testimonials

I hurt my back severely on a Job site, which resulted in being taken to hospital in an ambulance. After a few short weeks I am pain free and carrying out strengthening exercises specific to activities I carry out at work. I am feeling more and more confident in my body, and looking forward to getting back to work without the worry of my back going again.

Dave, Bundoora

I suffered from chronic lower back for over 40 years. I had given up on constant treatment as it failed to provide any lasting relief. After hearing an add on radio I decided to give this treatment a try given they focused on chronic lower back injuries. I am so glad I did, after 40 years of back pain, I can say for the first time I have found a treatment that can provide relief. I am finally starting to be more active again, gaining so much more confidence in my body.

Thank you Rick for all your help and great work.

Laurie, Kyneton.

Please call 9909 9905 today to learn more about our permanent solution to your Lower Back Pain.

Rick Saunders

Lower Back

Rick completed his Health Studies with post graduate research in neuromuscular facilitation and human behaviour. Rick has a current success rate at greater than 97%. Book Rick

Daniel Rodgers

Lower back
Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines

Chronic pain is Daniel’s specialties.
Outside of the clinic Daniel has worked with, AFL teams such as The Western Bulldogs and Carlton Blues, the A-League soccer team Melbourne United, Australian Open tennis athletes as well as international Olympic athletes.Book Daniel

Elliot Christopher

Lower Back

Elliott’s real passion is working with chronic back and sciatic pain and has spent countless hours working with people to eradicate their pain for good. Elliott is committed to working with you to guarantee your pain never returns. Book Elliott
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If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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